The home of Italian Craftsmanship

The art of sawing, cutting, shaping, gluing and finishing wood has been part of the DNA of the artisan manufacturers of the Veneto region of Italy for generations.
Precision in all aspects of the woodworking process results in beautifully finished works of art.
Full respect for health and for the environment is guaranteed by using class D4, formaldehyde-free glue while natural oils ensure that toxic substances are neither emitted before nor after having laid the flooring. Water-based varnishes that have a low impact on the environment complete our ecosustainable production cycle.
The CE Conformity certification and the fireproof classification in the highest possible class (Bfl s1) are additional steps towards the achievement of high quality and safety values for man and for the environment.

Regarding the finishing process:

From its origin in 1701 the process of staining wood using a reactive stain has been the most elegant of all finishes enabling the richness of the wood to jump out to the eye. This process is done by under laboratory conditions mixing mineral compounds with vegetable extract to enhance each species of wood. Each specie requires its own formula. Each board is unique and is finished under the expert eye of the artist who applies differing amounts of finish to each board to bring out its innate beauty. The drying process is unhurried allowing the stain to penetrate naturally into the wood fibers. Either Oil or Varnish surface is available depending on the specie.

While UV finishes are available for commercial applications we never recommend using a UV finish for residential applications. Not only does the UV process require additional chemicals in the surface stain to allow quick drying but the stain never really penetrates far beneath the surface of the wood. The richness of the finish will not be maintained for as long using the UV process.

We provide the following with each order:

  • Product Certification
  • Material Provenance
  • EC Conformity

DUE DILIGENCE conformity: it's the warranty that the product comes from controlled cutting wood and not from illegal cutting